The Global Climate Strike is a youth-led, global event with demonstrations and actions aimed at raising awareness about our climate crisis.

Just saying the words, “our climate crisis” is enough to have some rolling their eyes, others, digging their heels in, looking to their party leaders for just the right words that would speak to grossly financed party platforms and divisive party lines. And in the midst of a divided nation and climate chaos, Creator weeps, wondering why her children have politicized the care of Creation and why and how we turned from the gift and the call, to cultivate and care for it all. If we look back far enough we’d see that politics and religion have had a big hand in this mess.

If God had a vision board, what would it look like to you? Is it one where animals and plant life are choked out at sea, one where we are unable to fish the oceans, drink water from streams, grow food from fertile soil, where coral reefs and forests no longer exist?

Ask your party. I’m curious how any side in this debate believes they will lead out the healing of the planet and each other without the whole of humanity coming together to solve our ecological problems, turning away from destructive ways and a lust of dominating nature, in which so many of us are complicit.

It’s not lost on me that a child is leading the way. Good on you, Greta Thunberg. Lead on.

Lisa Harmon


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