Christmas? Bah, humbug!

I'm not happy to find myself in agreement with Mr. Scrooge. I wish Christmas were actually a good thing, like I think it mostly was around 200 years ago. Before it became so thoroughly commercialized. Now, thanks mainly to the advertising industry, many millions of people are celebrating the supposed birthday of a seriously anti-materialist spiritual teacher by indulging in an orgy of materialism.

Christmas has become even more tainted by the fact that much of the shopping serves to empower tyranny. The main example would be Red China's dictatorship, which oversees the production of a whole lot of Christmas decorations and items that will become Christmas gifts. The exceptionally murderous tyranny in Saudi Arabia also benefits, since the production and transport of Christmas products significantly boosts its revenue from oil sales. To a lesser extent, a few other tyrannies benefit as well.

The basic idea of setting aside one day a year to honor the birth of Jesus was a good one, though he almost certainly wasn't born on Dec. 25. Even allowing for certain embellishments by the authors of the gospels, Jesus was one of history's good guys.

What would he think of the abomination this ostensible celebration of his birth has become? He'd probably be even more disgusted than I am.

Richard Miller

Thermopolis, Wyo.

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