Again, we are approaching the time to vote for new City Council members and I'm somewhat confused. All of the candidates running for office this September have indicated that public safety is a priority and the 2020 budget falls short of providing adequate funds for both police and fire services. In addition to this, candidates also indicate that developing parks and trails here in Billings will draw additional residents. If the city doesn't have the revenue to support both the required police and fire services that Billings requires, why are we expending funds to build additional dog parks and improving trails which are used by selective few? 

Also, why would individuals what to relocate to an area where their taxes are being raised just to provide additional parks and trails? If funding is so short for priority issues like community security, (i.e. police and fire services), why is the City of Billings redoing perfectly designed roundabouts on Shiloh road, planning to remodel a good airport terminal and acquiring additional land for developing community parks?

Most of my neighbors, friends, and family members have indicated that their property taxes have increased this year. What are those additional funds from increased taxes allocated for? I believe that until someone can provide a priority list of expenditures and allocation of additional revenue, a vote of "NO" on a public safety mill levy is necessary. Remember, we all need to balance our budgets and live within our means.

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Brian Gouldsberry


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