Clean up Billings Police Department

Clean up Billings Police Department


I’m discouraged at the City Council talking about a public safety levy, as well as those running for City Council advocating for more police officers. Why isn’t anyone talking about the serious problems in the Billings Police Department? Why is Billings No. 1 in the country for a city its size in the number of police fatalities?

I don’t think police killing more citizens, many unarmed, than any other city our size is anything to be proud of. I don’t think officers sleeping around on their wives while on duty is anything to be proud of. I don’t think the chief of police wanting to retain an officer arrested for drunk driving, resisting arrest, obstructing justice, and refusing a breathalyzer test demonstrates objectivity. In fact it shows he holds citizens accountable to one set of rules and his officers by a more lenient standard. The chief stated this officer “made a very bad mistake.” Is that what you or I would be charged with? No — we would be put in jail where we belonged.

I refuse to support one more dime of my property taxes for more police officers until the current police department is cleaned up. In my opinion we need a new chief who has objectivity and the ability to hold his officers accountable to the law.

My best friend’s father was a police officer in Great Falls and he always said “no one is above the law.” Our police chief doesn’t honor that statement.

Denise Boggs



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