Climate comments very disturbing

Climate comments very disturbing


Yesterday in The Billings Gazette was a story online stating that 120,000 weather records were broken in the United States in the year of 2019. This was startling to me, whom as an engineer studied effects of precipitation records as well as other weather phenomenon for many years.

However, the most startling thing about this story was the responses in the comment section. One compared the story to “Chicken Little” and “the sky is falling.” This is very disturbing to anyone with even a little knowledge of climate change. My response was to my embarrassment to the comments.

I also stated that one should consider your offspring for more than only a tax deduction. I may have been too harsh, and would prefer not to lecture grown people. Many people, like myself, are now experiencing what a teacher must feel like when 40% of the class cannot grasp a concept that is vital for understanding. It is dumbfounding to say the least. It seems that part of the class is doomed to repeat the course. The only problem being, we do not have time for another school year.

The carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere is now 412 parts per million, increasing in recent years about 2.1 ppm per year. This is at a rate 100 times higher than after the glacial age of 10,000 years ago. Chicken Little is within the 60% who pass the course.

Erwin Curry



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