Teenage serial rapist admits to charges but may only get 20 years depending on evaluation? Drug addicts neglect toddler to the point of death and sit in jail for 7 months? Murderer gets life in prison? Embezzle $40-plus million from a bank and you get 10 years? If you make the punishments fit the crimes, maybe American tax dollars will be spent on something useful, such as more law enforcement, rather than giving people who deserve nothing the basic necessities of life.

Rehabilitation? How many incarcerated individuals are repeat offenders? Why do we have to foot the bill to keep people who could care less about anyone but themselves alive with the rare chance they get released to be a decent human being? How many people have fled the pre-release centers this year? Quit making excuses for these people! Let the victims decide their fate.

I'm ashamed to be a human. I don't want my children growing up in this unnecessary chaos. The government battling the human rights activists make the justice system everything but fair. As long as you sleep at night, who cares? Why should "free citizens" have to worry about criminals violating our safety because tax dollars are keeping low life individuals alive instead of paying law enforcement to do their job?

Talk about good management, no wonder compassion fatigue is real — no wonder the crime is so high. Good job, America, you enabled the crooked and forgot about the rest of us.

Angela Corkill


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