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There is so much background noise in Washington right now you rarely hear about the few things Congress is actually doing other than investigating the Russians. Just week before last, the Senate passed the Budget Resolution bill on a party line vote and it was nothing more than a page three story. And their action based on some arcane rule none of us can understand now allows the Senate to avoid the filibuster and the Democrats when working on tax cuts, which is the same failed formula they have used all year.

This budget resolution proposes revenue, spending authority and deficit levels for the next 10 years and I, to use a word that John Kelly just made famous, was “stunned.” On page six you will find that the Republicans are purposing to raise the deficit from the current $20 trillion to $26 trillion. That is an increase of $6 trillion from people who claim to be fiscally responsible and want smaller government. And Sen. Steve Daines voted for this as he has dutifully done for his donors and the Republican establishment for his entire term.

To fast track this resolution, the House was scheduled to take up the same bill. So, as a reminder, let’s revisit Rep. Gianforte’s position on the federal budget. He campaigned on, “If they can’t balance the budget, they shouldn’t get paid. No balanced budget, no paycheck.” I betting campaign positions don’t get more hollow than this. The real question is, when are Montana’s voters going to hold these people accountable for their votes?

Art Foeste