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Every day I ask myself: How long must this go on?

It’s not just Trump, but the declining quality of Congress — Republican or Democrat.

The wave of sexual harassment charges goes on with men from both parties having to apologize or admit to payments to women for allegations of harassment that occurred years ago. And Congress itself seems unable to reform itself to provide more transparency to voters about how these taxpayer funds have been spent on hush money.

Trump continues to back would-be Sen. Roy Moore for his seat as an Alabama senator, not surprising in light of our president’s own refusal to admit any wrongdoing to the women who have accused him of groping and other unwarranted attention. This week he said that the “Access Hollywood” tape in which he bragged about groping women is false.

The Democratic leadership has done little better. The “old boy” network is alive and well and secure in the assumption that they will somehow escape responsibility.

It’s time for Congress to show us voters that it can govern itself and apply the same rules of transparency to itself as to those of us further down the political food chain.

Special investigator Robert Mueller still has much to tell us about the Trump family and its involvement in the possible obstruction of justice. And recent Democratic wins in Virginia, Maine and Oregon have given hope that the Republican block will be broken in 2018.

Dave Grimland


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