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Beware the Madison “Food Park!”

This mega-slaughter facility will produce over 100,000 pounds of waste daily — blood, feces, hair and chemicals — stored in roughly 50 lagoons (about the size of football fields) that smell like feces and death. When these lagoons fill up, then overfill, where will the waste go? It will be washed into the Montana landscape: Friesen takes in the profits, the rest of us are left with the refuse.

A slaughter facility this size will use millions of gallons of freshwater daily. In Montana, droughts are not just Bible stories, and we have a choice as to how our water is used. Montana produces more peas and lentils than any other state, along with many other life-sustaining crops that do not harm our beautiful state. 

Do we really want all that this facility will bring? For those thinking jobs, do you want to kill cows all day, dismember still-flailing bodies, or stand all day thick in the smell of blood and feces? There are better job options in this great state, and most of us would choose those jobs for ourselves and our loved ones.

Montana is all about natural beauty — that is why tourists come to Montana, leaving billions of dollars in our economy, supporting thousands of people across the state. The proposed Madison "Food Park" is not Glacier or Yellowstone—it is mega-slaughter facility that will damage the Last Best Place, along with the health and home values of those living in and around Great Falls.

Why is Friesen Foods, a Canadian company, determined to set up a mega-slaughter in Montana?

Dr. L.A. Kemmerer


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