My name is Matthew J. Senn and I’m running for Billings City Council in Ward 4. I’m campaigning for the average person in Billings who doesn’t feel they have representation on our council. Born and raised here, I have the unique perspective gained from having lived and worked in all five wards in Billings. I’ve seen how decisions that appear to favor one area of town can affect other areas, positively or negatively. My viewpoint on the issues and my desire to promote involvement from all of our city’s residents will do this.

The Magic City is growing and a major component of healthy and successful growth is change. Change requires real solutions and adequate funding. Our police and fire departments need resources to perform their jobs and keep our people safe. Our roads need to be maintained or dramatically upgraded. Today, city funds are being spent on homelessness whether or not it is a specific line item in the budget. I will always be in favor of gathering facts, listening and being a responsible steward of your tax dollars.

Billings can foster opportunities to generate additional revenue through tourism-based business and continued downtown revitalization. We have innovative talent and city government should give preference to Billings businesses and workers. I will vote to keep Billings the best place to grow your business in Montana.

I’m proud to call Billings home and you my neighbors. I’m asking for your support and your vote on in the primary on Sept. 10.

Matthew J. Senn


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