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As citizens living in southwest Billings, we are disappointed in the result of the county commissioner hearing held on Jan. 29. At this meeting, many area residents voiced concerns regarding the proposed gravel pit to be placed at the corner of Wise Lane and Story Road (formerly known as Oscar’s Park).

Among our concerns, is the fact that this proposed mine would exist near the Yellowstone River on a floodplain. We are concerned with how this project might impact the Yellowstone River, and the quality of our water, as the mining could potentially contaminate and/or dry up our wells.

We also worry about road safety, as school bus stops exist in the area. The heavy equipment, associated with the operation of a gravel pit would be passing 150 times a day on Wise Lane, creating a hazard.

Our county commissioners failed us by not placing specific conditions on this potential mine. We understand that they do not have the power to stop the mine, but they do have the power to put conditions on it to protect the citizens of Billings and to preserve its landscape, and they failed to do so. We understand that gravel pits need to exist and operate, but they should not be allowed in existing residential and/or agricultural communities, or near schools or businesses that will suffer once they invade the area. Our health, safety and quality of life are being severely threatened, not to mention how our property values will greatly decrease.

Scott and Julie Prociv

Steve and Marilyn Owen

Rindo and Amy Sironi


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