I’m having a hard time maintaining any respect for Sen. Steve Daines these days. He went off to Washington a few years ago to balance the federal budget and get control over those lofty deficits. His first bill in the 113th, 114th and 115th Congress was the Balanced Budget Accountability Act. It called for Congress to pass a balanced budget or not get paid. When these didn’t go anywhere did the principled Daines set the example and refuse his pay? Nope.

In June of this year when asked about the ballooning federal deficit problem Daines said, “We have a spending problem in this country and it concerns me greatly.”

This is the same concerned guy who voted for a gigantic tax cut for himself, corporations and the wealthy two years ago while the experts said it would create record deficits. To cut revenues and then call the resulting deficit a spending problem is either disingenuous or shows his total lack of understanding between the revenue and expense relationship in the budgeting process.

Daines will be faced with another principle/integrity issue when the impeachment trial starts in the Senate. He will have to take an impeachment oath required by the Constitution which looks like this: ”I solemnly swear … I will do impartial justice … so help me God.” I have no doubt that Daines, who has labeled the impeachment a “sham,” will swear to God and party leaving no opportunity for me to respect his ethics or integrity.

Art Foeste


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