Retiring with dignity is a right. No one should have to spend their entire life toiling away just to make ends meet. A secure retirement factors into every decision regarding one’s career path and a carefully negotiated pension plan is why so many of us decide to go Union. However, many multi-employer pension plans (plans used by union and non-union workers) are facing a looming insolvency crisis that must be addressed before their beneficiaries stop receiving payments.

Precedent exists for how we can ensure the vitality of multi-employer pension plans (plans used by union and non-union workers) thanks to the auto-manufacturer and bank bailouts of the late aughts. Shoring up these pension plans would be a drop in the bucket compared to the money spent on either of those endeavors. Our country can fit tax breaks for billionaires and multi-billion dollar corporations into our budgets, we can certainly find room to protect the retirements of working people.

I thank Sen. Jon Tester for co-sponsoring the Butch Lewis Act of 2019. This legislation provides a means of support to at-risk plans and is absolutely necessary for the financial health of our country. Since his election in 2006, Tester has been a tireless advocate for the working people he represents.

I am calling on Sen. Steve Daines and Rep. Greg Gianforte, to voice their support for the Butch Lewis Act of 2019. It’s long past due for both of them to act in support of the hardworking individuals who call Montana home, not those who don’t think about Big Sky Country outside of ski season.

James Holbrook

business agent, IBEW Local 206


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