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I read Brian Roat's April 4 letter “Trump has done a good job,” and had a good laugh. Thanks, Brian.

The sad part is that many Americans would without hesitating, take this as a serious letter, fully agreeing with his obviously nonsensical statements, each of which is the absolute opposite of reality.

Unfortunately, Americans are increasingly relying on sources like faux "news," and Facebook “friends," and Twitter, rather than real journalism by honest hard-working journalists who honestly seek to discover and print or broadcast the truth to the best of their ability. The result is that they are exposed (by choice) to pseudo news, some of which is outright false, and the remainder of which is cherry-picked for items that best support a particular viewpoint or agenda, and ignore those that are "inconvenient truths." 

The internet offers a vast resource of information, with news and thoughtful analysis from around the world, as well as often opinionated editorials that can be thought provoking and open your mind to other viewpoints. It also offers an even larger body of absolute nonsense, of propaganda, supported by specious reasoning or nothing more than rumor.

One of the most important aspects of education today should be to give young people the tools to tell the difference: critical thinking, and the ability to honestly examine and question your own beliefs, and convictions. That obviously got lost along the way. 

The rise of Trump, and his continuing popularity is a classic example of this. There is no excuse for being party to one's own deception.

Howard Wilkinson