Once again, Democrats are pulling a bait-and-switch shuffle to arouse the politically ignorant in their base for votes. They have sunk into a bottomless pit of hatred, lies and revenge, and will wallow there as long as they have an audience to play to.

Joe Biden should have been investigated for criminal dealings as vice president and overseer of Ukraine during the Obama administration. He clearly used his vice presidential influence to blackmail Ukraine and procure billions in funds from China for son Hunter. He admitted as much on tape and bragged of his crimes. He has not only undermined and jeopardized the security of the U.S., but also endangered the security of other foreign countries as well.

The whistleblower transcripts were orchestrated by Democrats willing to sell out the U.S. for a power take-back. Nancy Pelosi's rush to impeachment without meeting with the accuser or reading the transcript is premeditated. She didn't need to; she already hand-picked the person and knew what the transcript contained. This is just another cover-up-and-panic move to block the investigations Attorney General William Barr is conducting into the DOJ and Democratic Party. This reeks of treason and sets a dangerous precedent on government protocol that will haunt Congress for decades to come.

It’s a gross injustice and insult to voters who support and elected President Trump. The liars, leakers and demagogues, regardless of which side of the aisle they sit, need to be taken to task and held accountable if we are to protect our Constitutional Republic form of government. Our elected officials answer to we the people, not to those in government who set out to destroy this country and what it stands for — Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Marian Keller


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