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There seems to be some double-standard thinking going on, mainly among liberal Democrats, when it comes to border walls. President Donald Trump's proposed wall is horrible, according to Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and most of their fans. But where is their consternation when it comes to Israel's wall? Now there probably are a few liberal Dems somewhere who have criticized Israel's wall. In general, though, that border wall is fine with them. Let Israelis build a wall to keep out Arabs, but for America to build a wall to keep out Hispanics is just so horribly racist.

No great mystery here. Our liberal Democrats need Israel lobby votes and money more than Republicans do. If they start directing serious criticism toward Israel they can kiss such support goodbye and watch the GOP take over Washington for good.

I don't like either wall, but at least Trump's wall — entirely on the U.S. side of the border — would be legal. Back in 2004 the International Court of Justice ruled that Israel's wall was not.

Richard Miller

Thermopolis, Wyo.

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