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As a Republican I seldom agree with Gov. Steve Bullock but his recent admittance of a mistake he made compels me to praise him because of a righteous unselfish act that few men in public office do these days. It involved a former staff member who, though he has an unblemished record while serving the Bullock administration in Montana, committed sexual harassment acts while working in New York and at the Democratic Governors Association.

Bullock said he was naive and wrong for not informing the New York mayor about the problems of the former aid, Kevin O’Brien had while at the DGA. Bullock was head of the DGA at the time O’Brien was fired and the governor admitted he was wrong for not alerting New York Mayor Bill De Blaiso about O’Brien.

“By terminating him at the DGA, we took appropriate steps,” Bullock said. “I felt sick at the realization I hadn’t done enough. Looking backward, I was wrong...”

That’s a man of integrity speaking. I applaud the governor and long for the day other public officials have the fortitude to confess their wrongdoings and mistakes. Democrats would do well to consider Gov. Bullock for a presidential run in 2020.

Bob Nolte


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