How many Department of Environmental Quality staffers does it take to change a lightbulb?

Whoops. Not a lightbulb. How many DEQ staffers does it take to screw Eastern Montana?

The answers are in the pages of the Montana Department of Environmental Quality’s new draft rules for radioactive oilfield waste. DEQ wants to quadruple our state’s radioactive limit!

I live near Glendive. I love my home and community, but we also have a landfill that takes radioactive oilfield waste, mostly from North Dakota’s oilfields.

I believe safe disposal is possible, but things need to be done right.

Here are a few examples in the proposed DEQ rules that upset me:

  • Quadrupling the radioactivity limit from 50 pci/g to 200 pci/g.
  • No requirements for immediate reporting of any discovery of contamination to the DEQ by the landfill.
  • Allowing self-reporting and monitoring. Why doesn’t DEQ do environmental monitoring?

Please join me in urging the DEQ to do better and lower the radioactivity limit.

On Thursday, October 10 at 9 a.m., you can attend a public hearing at the DEQ building in Helena. We would appreciate your presence, please stand with us eastern Montanans!

Written comments can be submitted here: northernplains.org/rad-waste-deq-comments.

Dena Hoff


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