All of us who live here know that Billings is a special place. It’s hard to imagine a better place to live. We all want the magic of this Magic City to continue and that’s why I encourage you to join me in voting Carmelita Dominguez for City Council.

You see, for Billings’ magic to continue we have some things that need to get done. Our city is aging and we need to attract workers to fill jobs and ensure our elders are cared for. We need to bring businesses to fill empty storefronts in our downtown and help supply the critical funding for city services.

We all want to live in a city that is thriving, not just scraping by. And for that to happen we need careful planning, creative thinking, and a commitment to keeping Billings great. We need to invest in the city, not keep cutting back its resources.

That’s why I am supporting Dominguez. She’s committed to making Billings thrive. She gets that we can’t keep cutting what the city does if we want Billings to be a place we all enjoy. She has an MBA. Her business experience means she knows how to get things done, and as a mom raising kids here she cares about making the city work for her kids and the rest of us, too. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have on the council. Dominguez has my vote and I hope she’ll have yours, too.

Ben Tyrrell


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