At its core, the issue around gun control revolves around the government’s true motive, the fact government initiatives tend to expand well past their initial purpose and the federal government's long demonstrated inability to fix anything. The demand to ban assault style weapons ignores the fact more homicides are committed with handguns than assault style weapons. The media tends to pay little attention to the homicide rate in cities such as Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit. I suspect their targeted reporting revolves around their support for everything left wing and liberal. An attempt to ban the 10 million assault rifles in the possession of law abiding citizens seems not to be a solution but rather a Band Aid approach which allows insincere politicians an excuse to once again escape culpability and remain in office. I recently read a caption which read: If guns kill people, kitchen utensils make you fat and pencils misspell words.

A recent Gazette editorial proclaimed that mental illness isn't responsible for the majority of mass shootings. I suppose that depends on your definition of mental illness. I would hardly characterize those acts as rational. The category of sociopath comes to mind. Perhaps the discussion per gun control would be more palatable if the government first chose to enforce existing laws, revised existing HIPAA and mandatory reporting requirements and put pressure on the entertainment industry per violent movies and video games. Some semblance of morality injected back into the media dialogue might be helpful.

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Bill Nankivel


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