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Dan Stusek's guest column was deceitfully called, “Rally ignored that outdoors is bipartisan in Montana” (The Billings Gazette, Jan. 31). Stusek is the new hire for the carefully branded “Montana Outdoors Coalition.” Who does he think he's fooling?

One coalition board member, Terry Anderson, of the infamous PERC group out of Bozeman is another public trust privatizer. He's pushed for selling public lands for more than two decades, as well as private landowner hunting tags and doing away with Montana’s “most public friendly” stream access law. Then there's Keith Kubista of Montana Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife, the modern day Robin Hoods, they steal from the public and give to themselves and outfitters, helped by Republicans.

Finally, there's Rob Arnaud, an outfitter who has leased up tens of thousands of acres of Montana to sell trophy bull elk hunts for as much as $17,000. All of these people are trying to bring these schemes to privatize our public lands, waters, wildlife and fish for personal profit.

No, Dan, you're just plain wrong. One party — Republicans, your party — is consistently working to take the outdoor heritage from the average Montanan so they can make money off the best public resources. In the last five legislative sessions, we’ve seen about 500 bad bills, all brought by Republicans, that would privatize public wildlife, remove our stream access and sell our public lands to the highest bidder, an official plank in your party’s state and national platforms.

We're not buying your bull, you and your group can take your phony coalition to other states that have followed that path.

Austin Turley


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