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When the commissioners allowed MetraPark Arena to be renamed Rimrock Auto Arena a few years back I thought then it was in poor taste. Seeing this process being repeated, makes me wonder if the commissioners have any standards or concern for how this looks to the public.

Having Rimrock Auto Arena on the side of the building also makes us wonder if the next iteration could be even worse. This whole process reflects badly on our community. The commissioners need to remember that the arena already has an established name: MetraPark Arena. People far and wide know it by that name.

The building itself is a commercial asset, visually attractive, and something of a public institution. All my kids’ high school graduations took place there. Commissioners should be more concerned about its appearance.

To have an attractive public building paid for by county tax dollars turned into a giant commercial bill board suggests need for a rethink. While the revenue from such a transaction may look good, commissioners need to be reluctant, and more sensitive to aesthetics, when it comes to renaming public buildings. Also, the bidding organizations need to think about the negative public relations involved in such a transaction. I would go so far as to suggest the bidders consider an alternative: Make a significant, well-publicized donation to the county dedicated to placing an attractively designed sign on the building that boldly says: MetraPark Arena. That might get you more customers and respect than you would get otherwise.

Auzie Blevins


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