Gov. Bullock showed the nation the amoral nature of his character during the last debate. When asked about extending health care benefits to undocumented immigrants, he said that the very notion of providing people with medicine indicated “how far these debates are detached from people’s lives.” He went so far as to invoke the xenophobic rhetoric of an arch conservative from the previous administration.

As a taxpayer who has the unfortunate responsibility of paying Bullock’s salary, let me be perfectly clear that my government’s failure to meet the lowest thresholds of human decency is deeply pertinent to my life.

The American public has proven over the course of decades that it is incapable of making a morally sound decision; it is in desperate need of a leader with the courage to challenge it. Bullock is incapable of providing leadership of that caliber; he seeks only to acquiesce to the base instincts of a public afflicted by nationalism. He has a responsibility to drop out and resign; cowards need not be in power.

Eli Hovland


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