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In his guest opinion in the Oct. 27 Billings Gazette, Dr. Byron has suggested an economic model of nouveau-socialism as a solution for the encroaching death spiral of climate change. One must be unhappy indeed to propose central planning and income re-distribution as a cure for anything, let alone the hypothetical evils of barely detectable global temperature rise. He would do well to focus on one of these or the other, but to save mankind from the imagined ravages of climate change by the heavy hand of socialism betrays a striking ignorance of both economic theory and the science of climatology.

Dr. Byron's membership in radical, far-left organizations virtually guarantees that he is immune to the statements and ideas of true climate scientists. Since CO2 has virtually nothing to do with greenhouse warming, (which would violate the second law of thermodynamics), reducing CO2 has nothing to do with global warming. Socialist planning as an instrument of economic growth or beneficent guiding of scientific talent, is equally useless and mostly harmful. Human activity does not affect climate change, and we should celebrate, not disparage, our ability to live productively with the resources our planet provides.

Periodically, throughout history, humankind has been beset by warnings of imminent immolation by the fires of angry nature, accompanied by handwringing over our helplessness to resist. Will we never learn the lessons of history, that doomsayers should never be our guides, that their haranguing only slows our inevitable progress? What should we think of the scientists who feed us this garbled trash? We must each choose.

David Klein, MD


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