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The litmus test for my endorsement for U.S. Senate was simple: who is best suited to help Montana win in the 21st century economy? That person, I believe, is Troy Downing.

As a member of the Montana House of Representatives and on the committee that appropriates our $10 billion-plus state budget, I am shocked at the destructive nature of voting with special interests. If interest groups do your thinking, you are not a leader and the Montana middle-class will not benefit. With Downing, I see a businessman, a candidate who cannot be bought or sold, a man who thinks for himself.

Downing’s story will resonate with Montanans. Born into simple beginnings, Downing generated success through hard work. He has created jobs in multiple industries; been forced to make hard capital deployment decisions and managed a payroll with tight resources.

Montanans embody character and authenticity. We don’t have time for fake people. Troy Downing is not a politician, he exudes business acumen. Most importantly he has grit and will be able to look the special interests right in in the eye and do what is best for Montana’s economic future.

Jon A. Knokey

MT House Representative