Like most Montanans, I know Sen. Steve Daines is “more sycophant than senator,” as The Billings Gazette aptly stated last week. Daines hasn’t spent his term in office as a “strong, independent voice for the people of Montana,” as promised in 2014, but has been fully subjugated by Trump and molded like a lump of clay into the ultimate lapdog boot licker. Daines prides himself on his Christianity but conveniently turns a blind eye to a president who’s an adulterer who paid porn stars hush-money to sway the election, a supporter of pedophiles, and a sexual offender who described his own method of assaulting women.

Despite this hypocrisy, and even amidst the current crop of spineless toadies in the GOP, Sen. Daines’ full-throated support of the president’s nationalistic, xenophobic tirade against four congresswomen via tweet stood out as a shocking and unconscionable display of propagandist vitriol by a sitting senator. Daines’ support of Trump’s use of racism to divide the country, and of the classic racist trope, “Go back where you came from!” earned Montana some embarrassing national headlines this month. If Sen. Daines ever bothered to come talk with his constituents face to face, he’d know that bigotry, discrimination and injustice aren’t “Montana values.” These McCarthy-era tactics used by Trump and Daines are what’s truly “anti-American,” and Steve, Montanans are “sick and tired” of you.

Dump Daines in 2020.

Cara Wilder


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