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I wanted to respond to people that say walls don’t work.

Then why do the put them around prisons and other secure areas? But their's is just a political approach that attempts to divert attention from their real agenda of open borders. I also suspect that many who say walls don’t work live behind walls (and yard fences) in gated communities.

Walls and fences do work depending on who builds and maintains them and for what purpose. Ask any farmer or rancher who depends on them. Ask the border patrol who is on the front lines of border security. They agree that a border wall would improve their jobs tremendously. Ask the people in Hungary and Israel about high border fences that have reduced illegal immigration 99-100 percent! Ask the Vatican that has had high walls in place for hundreds of years!

The weak argument that the illegals will just tunnel under walls prove that they work. They will find other ways to enter this country illegally, but we don’t need to encourage illegal immigration by being ineffective in defending our border. Illegal aliens cost the U.S. taxpayer billions of dollars every year. Not to mention the crime, illegal drugs, human trafficking and other problems associated with open borders.

Build the wall, or fence, or obstacle, or whatever, and let’s end the political squabbling.

C.T. Ripley


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