At the Public Servoce Commision meeting last week I said to someone that I thought man-made global warming was a hoax. He made the point that we needed to trust the "experts." I thought, oh you mean the experts that were predicting a coming ice age in the 1970s. Or the experts who faked the infamous hockey stick graph. Or the experts from East Anglia University who were exposed on emails talking about suppressing any research not supporting global warming. Warming predictions are based on theories and computer models. I can cite a lot of scientists who disagree with the alarmists.

To the alarmists I would ask:

(1) What is the optimal temperature of the Earth? (insert crickets chirping)

(2) They say the earth is billions of years old and the temperature has been warmer and cooler. What makes the temperature sacrosanct at this minuscule point in time? (more chirping)

Many people have succumbed to the old sales technique of the alarmists. "Things will be great if you buy this product! It's a limited time offer. If you don't buy now, catastrophe is imminent!"

I am concerned for my children's future not because of global warming but for the losses of freedom that would be imposed to "remedy" warming.

I am in favor of all kinds of energy production with as little pollution as possible. Wind and solar technology are not yet able to supply all our needs. Until they are, we need dependable economical electricity from Colstrip.

Peter Vandenoever


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