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So far, the only thing we’ve seen and heard from Russ Fagg is attacks on other Republicans. Well, that and his ridiculous notion that people not born in Montana are apparently unfit to hold public office in Montana. I guess he thinks Sen. Jon Tester’s birth place makes Tester a great candidate.

If you didn’t know, Fagg is a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. We think.

What Montana Republicans are wondering is how Fagg would beat Sen. Tester, in the unlikely event he actually wins a Republican primary. Perhaps Fagg will begin to share with us how he would defeat Sen. Tester and distinguish how he how he differs from Sen. Tester. That is what we’re really interested in hearing. Until he does that, he doesn’t deserve a vote. Because so far, he sounds just like Sen. Jon Tester.

Gene Dziza