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Having spent 34 years in the timber industry and running crews, I can state without reservation that executives rarely consider the root cause of the problem. They want to treat the symptoms rather than the disease. The current firearm debate is just such an issue. In my 64 years, firearm ownership is commonplace. It was not unusual to see pickup trucks in school parking lots with rifles in their gun racks. Yet, no one engaged in mass murder. The epidemic of mass murder is of recent origin, and we should ask what has changed. Seeing gun regulation as addressing the problem is simply applying a Band-Aid rather than treating the disease.

Children are no longer being taught at home to be responsible and respectful. Rather than personally caring for our children, we allow them to become desensitized by various forms of violent entertainment. Our school systems are failing to properly educate our children. It is painfully obvious that grade school, high school and even colleges are unable to control the classrooms, while some are more interested in teaching a political agenda that places emphasis on individual rights, as opposed to individual responsibility. They are encouraged to act out radically, if necessary, to defend their position. The disrespect being demonstrated against our current administration, by various groups and news media, demonstrates a lack of respect and dignity in our society. Allowing this environment to continue is to ignore the disease and insure acts of violence to continue.

Curt Beffert