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In response to the recent article covering the denial of ranchers' loss claims due to the harsh winter: Tough!

These same ranchers who now claim that they should be compensated for their loss, are the same folks sipping coffee and complaining about the gov down at the "co-op" every Tuesday morning.

Our farmers and ranchers are some of, if not, the biggest recipients of government assistance. Yes, they feed America. But, at the end of the day, you have to look in the mirror and ask yourself "am I my own man/woman?" If your livelihood hangs in the balance of government decisions made 2,000 miles away, maybe you oughta rethink your finances.

An old rancher once boasted to me that "the farmer is the biggest gambler of them all!" Not true, if the house guarantees to cover you losses.

No wonder Sen. Jon Tester won reelection, seems he's not the only fella pretending to be hardscrabble while suckling at the government teat.

Jeff Schritz


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