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The first week of the new year, I drove to Miles City and to Jordan for book-signings. I graduated from Garfield County High School in 1965. I was the only boy in typing class, and the typewriters had no letters on the keys. After I learned the finger placement on the keyboard, I could gawk around at the smart/pretty girls while I typed.

I was fortunate again, when I was signing books at the Garfield County Library, in Jordan; some of those girls, other old friends and my second-grade teacher, Jane Wille, came to visit. Jane informed me she was going to check my book for errors and give me a grade on it! I remember how tough she was in the second-grade, so I’ll be lucky if I get a “C!” Mrs. Wille played a major role in teaching me how to read and write, my favorite things to do.

When I endeavored to introduce my book on Amazon Kindle, I was informed that I needed a Federal Tax ID Number before Amazon could pay royalties to me. My CPA informed me, “That’s not going to happen, because of the government shutdown.” In these times, an author needs to be on Amazon, if he wants to sell books.

This unnecessary, silly gov’t shutdown is because Sir Donald, of Orange, wants a medieval wall on our southern border. Security technology has advanced significantly since the time of the Crusades!

If the Tax-Dodger-in-Chief would pay the IRS the taxes he owes in arrears, he could build a jasper wall like the one alluded to in the Bible, by John, The Revelator, in the 21st chapter of Revelation!

Final thought: Forget the wall and get to work on our crumbling infrastructure!

Lynn Leroy Arney


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