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“Have you signed the Wyoming Promise petition to get corrupting influence of money out of politics?”

“Harrumph! I don’t sign petitions,” is one response. “It won’t do any good,” is another excuse.

Yet those rejecting their right to petition often complain about government’s failure to represent them and about our activist courts. An activist U.S. Supreme Court decided, though narrowly, that money is protected speech. Are those apathetic citizens unaware that money’s domination of our elected officials is the main reason our voice is neither heard nor heeded — and that this Supreme Court decision made it worse?

We are consistent, even the harrumphers, in thanking veterans for defending our rights. Yet we neglect the easier responsibility of defending the same rights at home. Are we wasting their sacrifices through our apathy and inaction?

Wyoming and America’s promise is for an equal voice in electoral politics. If you’re a registered voter be sure to sign the petition to restore that promise. If not, register to vote and then sign up.

Are we to be citizens of a representative democracy or merely subjects of renewed power of money disguised as representative government? The answer is in our hands.

Mel Logan

Sheridan, Wyoming