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Last week gubernatorial candidate Tim Fox called for an "all of the above" energy policy. While this sounds nice, it's little more than the way political elite kowtow to the oil, gas and coal industries.

Those industries pay good money to get politicians to say things like that, because that sort of energy policy gives them free reign to keep digging up and burning fossil fuels. But recent events around the American West clearly demonstrate that we don't have any more time for "all of the above" energy. Last year, entire towns in California were destroyed in wildfires, leaving tens of thousands homeless. Those Americans are now climate refugees, forced from their homes by the increase in intense climatic events that comes part and parcel with human-caused climate change. If we continue burning more and more fossil fuels, it's only a matter of time before that kind of catastrophe happens in Montana, and significant numbers in our state are left to find new lives amid the charred ruins of their homes.

Is that what Tim Fox wants? It's certainly a clear consequence of his energy policy.

Rudy Molinek


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