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I fully support the Land Board denying the Horse Creek Conservation Easement negotiated by the Fish, Wildlife & Parks for the following reasons:

1. The ranch is not worth $6 million if it was sold on today's market.

2. It is ridiculous to say it protects ag land from nasty subdivisions. Go visit the ranch and then seriously tell me that someday it may be subdivided.

3. Walk-in-only hunting with no motorized access and the potential for camping. The only thing that the public gets is a de facto wilderness area. There are hundreds of thousands of acres of public land in Eastern Montana already accessible to the public with the same hunting opportunities this ranch offers.

4. This is being portrayed as a noble cause by the Stinson family, when, in reality, they are getting paid more than the ranch is worth and only giving up walk-in hunting access to very few hunters. They still own the ranch.

5. Just because the funds are there doesn't justify spending them on something foolish. To my knowledge the FW&P and their commissioners have nobody with any farm and ranch real estate experience. They continually overpay for anything they acquire including direct purchases and easements. I have been a farm and ranch broker for over 40 years, so I do know what I'm talking about.

Ron Shoen

Rocky Mountain Ranch Realty