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Billings Gazette — "Real News, Real Journalism, huh?!" As the saying goes, "better to keep your mouth shut and be considered an idiot, then to open your mouth and confirm it." While I always perceived The Gazette to be way far left, their recent editorial regarding David Clarke, the former sheriff from Milwaukee, confirms it. Where do you people get off spewing your ultra-liberal, condescending, insulting views, in the process deliberately alienating at least half of the citizens of Yellowstone County?

While you all are still grappling with the fact that you lost the election ("What Happened"?), I am still grappling with trying to understand the depths of your hatred which is leveled at good people with simple values. Where does this vile hatred of decency and morality come from?

I will be attending the Republican function and meeting Mr. Clarke, and be damn proud of it. I only wish I had been able to attend last year's event where I could have met Lt. Col. Allen West, another decent and honorable American... oh, and just for clarity, a Black Conservative.

Billings Gazette, try looking up the words "fair" and "balanced" in the dictionary. And just for the heck of it, give the word "journalism" a shot, too. Then try stringing them all together into a sentence. You might learn something.

Tamara Olivas