I recently returned to Montana so I have little knowledge about Corey Stapleton but I do know a cheap shot when I see it. Your editorial Jan. 2 was about as cheap as they get.

The Gazette claims he is a poor history student and then states the Jews were persecuted in Germany because the refused to adapt. Read Mein Kampf. Hitler hated the Jews because they were Jews and he never suggested they change! The Gazette needs to bone up on history too!

In one sentence the Gazette say Stapleton is heartless to suggest the Little Shell assimilate and in the next sentence the Gazette says the USA is a melting pot -were all must give and take to get along and thrive. Which is it?

I grew up in East Havre and many of my classmates were displaced members of the Little Shell band. Those who have succeeded best in life are the ones who assimilated into the Montana culture.

With many grammatical error in this editorial "hardly nothing" instead of "hardly anything" for instance it appears this was written by a Democrat party operative and published unread by the editor.

We expect better from The Gazette. If we want poorly written cheap shots we can subscribe to the NYT or the Washington Post.

Clint Kegel


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