Guess what? The Gazette editorial board has found a new punching bag! They are getting 2020 off to the usual start...with a character assassination of a member of the GOP. In their January 2, 2020, editorial, all-knowing journalists chastised our secretary of State for expressing his opinion on the Little Shell tribe's efforts to receive recognition. They even go so far to correlate his statement to the actions of the Third Reich! Really? Apologize? For what? For having an opinion unlike that of the editors? For being a conservative and not so politically correct?

I will agree that Stapleton has made some missteps during his tenure as secretary of State. But to totally condemn the man insinuating he is unfit to hold public office? Pretty strong words from an organization that constantly spews its liberal muck on an almost daily basis. This also applies to their choice of guest editorials. And to believe subscribers actually have to pay for this blitz.

One thing is for sure: If you have a GOP pin on your lapel, you will have a Gazette bullseye on your back. Someday, hopefully these snowflakes will realize that their job is to inform, not influence. Do you really think you represent the majority of Montanans? Hardly.

Rod Ming

Red Lodge

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