After watching Congresspeople tread water for two-and-a-half hours yesterday, I was reassured that the widening chasm between parities is still alive and well. The Democrats are shocked and horrified that President Donald Trump would pressure a foreign government to dig up dirt on a political opponent.


Are they telling us that Trump is ethics- and scruple-free? Would Trump ignore the Constitution and the rule of law? Is it true that he has the propensity to be in-your-face crude and to exude falsehoods, too? Would the president discombobulate world trade agreements?

This Rip Van Winkle-esque scenario hints that we have all been asleep for the last three years while this tragic comedy theater played on an endless reel.

It is now time for the Democrats to get over their timidity to rile Trump's base and impeach the president. Then maybe our country could get down to the serious business of correcting the ineptitude of the past three years and stop focusing on the world of Trump.

Lynn Arney


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