Congressman Greg Gianforte offers what has become the default defense of President Donald Trump since January 2017, i.e, “If Donald Trump did it, it must be OK” (“Gianforte: Trump impeachment proceedings are a sham,” The Billings Gazette, Oct. 18, 2019).

In his phone call to the Ukrainian president, Trump used the extortionate tactics of a mob boss: “Nice little country you have there, be a shame if anything happened to it. By the way, have you talked to Putin lately?” Not only did he take this action contrary to American interests, but also for his own personal political interests. It further comes out that foreign relations are not being conducted by the State Department, but by the president’s personal lawyer, somebody totally unaccountable to Congress and allegedly involved in funneling foreign money into our elections. If the Republicans don’t see anything wrong with this, they won’t see anything wrong with anything.

We should not be surprised that Rep. Gianforte sees nothing wrong with being a thug. After all, he physically assaulted a reporter days before being elected to Congress. To paraphrase columnist George Will, that we elected Gianforte to Congress is an embarrassment to Montana. If we choose him as our governor, it will be an indictment of Montana.

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Phillip Parker


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