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If you are concerned about the future of health care for yourself and your children in Billings, as well as in the state of Montana, I urge you to vote for Anne Giuliano in HD 46. Giuliano is a caring physician, who is willing to devote her time and energy to improve the health-care system and work across the aisle on all issues to get things done.

Put an end to polarization in politics and individuals and parties that only have tunnel vision. Whatever party you have previously voted for, think about voting for an individual that is truly dedicated and has served this community.

My son has had leukemia, a bone marrow transplant, followed by a tumor, then nerve damage with open wounds for over six years. He was facing amputation of his right leg. The treatment and care provided by Dr. Giuliano has been outstanding — his wounds are almost closed, amputation is not now being considered.

There are those that would take away health care benefits for a pre-existing condition or limit the health care one is now receiving. One never knows when they or their children will be the one with a medical problem or the one that cannot obtain medical insurance.

Vote for the person that will protect you and your children's future. Take the time to look up her website: or her Facebook page: "Giuliano For HD 46.” While you are at it, look up her opponent, then decide.

Frank Richter


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