America is seeing a decline in good manners in every facet of human interaction. We rarely see a gentleman hold a door for a lady. Nor do we hear people beg pardon when they accidentally bump into someone in the store. We listen to political leaders refer to people as deplorable.

Good manners is what separates us from the animal kingdom. We must never forget that etiquette and politeness, rooted in good morals, is what prevents a civilization from deteriorating into savagery. There are misguided individuals who criticize good manners, especially gentlemanly manners, as wrong. Manners are the foundation of civil society. Without good manners, society falls into chaos. The more traditional gentlemanly manners have been criticized and abandoned, the more our society has experienced divorce, assault, drug abuse, alcohol abuse and crime.

Good manners are a sign of class. Those who criticize good manners communicate corrupt ideas that lead our community into chaos. Mothers and fathers hold the key to order. Teach your children good manners and etiquette. Etiquette can quickly mature into sound morals.

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The Rev. David P. Kenat Jr.


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