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It was the merriest Christmas I've had in a long time.

Not because of presents under a tree, but because of what was in the news. Trump ordering U.S. troops to leave Syria was certainly good news, even though he should have done it right after taking office. And how about that stock market plunge? Absolutely beautiful!

According to an AP story of Dec. 22, headlined "A decade long rally on Wall Street looks like it's ending": "Another day of big losses Friday left the U.S. market with its worst week in seven years. All of the major indexes have lost 16 to 20 percent from their highs this summer and fall .... Investors fear a recession is coming and are finding more and more reasons to worry ... No sector of the market has been spared. Large multi-national companies join smaller domestic ones in their losses. And huge high-tech companies, once the best performing stocks ... are now leading the way lower."

Not quite time to break out the champagne, but that time is getting close. This earth-destroying, tyranny-supporting abomination called the global economy appears to be on its last legs. Just another straw or two on its back may be enough to break it and get us into a second Great Depression!

Richard Miller

Thermopolis, Wyo.

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