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The National Republican Party has, over the past 30 years, radically changed. It has adopted positions and policies that basically threaten our democracy, society, environment and our future. These are not conservative policies, as they would have us believe, but attributes of a party that sees money and winning as the ultimate goal.

The Republican Party:

  • Welcomes and harbors racist and white extremist groups in its ranks.
  • Spreads the corrosive belief that all taxes are bad.
  • Denies the facts and science of climate change that threaten the planet and its inhabitants with catastrophe.
  • Disparages science as a basis for sound decision making.
  • Consistently favors commercial development over protecting the environment.
  • Opposes public funding of elections and efforts to control dark money and limit campaign contributions .
  • Prevents minorities and the poor from exercising their right to vote.
  • Opposes collective bargaining, the minimum wage, and other efforts to improve the lives of workers.
  • Promotes fear and distrust of our federal government.
  • Actively seeks to privatize and otherwise dispose of our federal public lands.
  • Opposes social programs benefiting the poor, old and disadvantaged.
  • Erroneously believes the market and competition have answer to all our problems.
  • Spreads the self-serving belief that all regulation of business is bad.
  • Is the principle cause of our divided government.
  • In a nation of immigrants, spreads hate towards immigrants and immigration.
  • Supports a president who deliberately and consistently lies to the American people.

Is there a list of Republican successes that mitigate these?

Auzie Blevins


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