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Your recent article on the anti-gay fliers posted at Grace United Methodist Church got my attention.

As a freedom-loving citizen, I'm drawn to any incident that seems to pit one set of beliefs against another. Because there was not an actual break-in, nobody was physically harmed and there were no specific threats (none stated in the story, anyway), I wondered why the Rev. Sarah Beck contacted the police, and The Gazette, then called a special meeting at her church regarding the revival of the NDO.

It's no secret that there are people who don't agree with homosexuality, just as there are people who don't agree with Christianity, or meat-eaters, or traditionalists ... or any number of schools of thought. This is America. This is our right -- to choose to agree or disagree. To hate, even, if you want to waste your time and energy doing so. The fact that six little flyers posted by some anonymous person could be the catalyst to yet more oppressive laws really saddens and surprises me. Should it be this easy to shred the Constitution? To invalidate one person's right to think and believe for the sake of not offending another? What has happened to healthy, vigorous discourse? Rev. Beck, you stated that you (your church) will "continue to be Christ in the world ... " I pray that you truly embrace that concept. Christ atoned that we may be saved because we have free agency on this earth. We need our agency that we may grow individually — not collectively or forcibly.

Aud Steinfeldt

Reed Point