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Most of us are still reeling over the horrible shooting in the Florida school and trying to find some answer of why, why. Some are going back to the mainstreaming of the mentally ill to find the answer and rightfully so, but all the rules and regulations that came with it tied the hands of both the cops and those of the people who were qualified to deal with the real problems. Why were all the many signs that clearly showed that lunatic was a bomb about to go off ignored or were the cops hands so tied that they would have been in trouble if they had to rough him up to bring him in for evaluation?

It is so disgusting to see politicians trying to use the tragedy to advance their agenda and the worst is those clambering for total confiscation of the guns of the law abiding. That will only make it worse, much worse. The evil will cling to their weapons and they aren’t going to register them. People that truly believe that will cure the problems are living in a dream world, a very dangerous dream world.

There is an old adage that says “Be careful of what you ask for, you may get it.” When schools boast that they are a gun free zone, they are actually telling the criminals and evil people that it’s a free fire zone.

Bill Gillin