I disagree with my longtime friend Bob Brown. He opines (Sept. 4 guest opinion) that authorities must do something about the clips that hold ammunition.

Bob claims to be a gun owner, as if that qualifies him to have a believable position. That claim doesn't qualify him any more than if he should call himself a musician because he bought a guitar at a pawnshop. Bob displays his lack of knowledge about firearms by referring to magazines as "clips." Of course "clips" is the word all the gun control entities mistakenly use. Those of us experienced with firearms know they're talking about magazines. It's not a big deal, but this wrong word choice demonstrates how little Bob actually knows about firearms.

When the magazine capacity debate was kicked off in 1994, I invited local media to the shooting range where I performed a demo for them in which I fired 36 rounds in 20 seconds. I did this with a six-shot revolver, a technology invented in the 1800s. The video of this demonstration is still available at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=scl_MVi4DFc

There's a reason why the NRA says it's not about the magazine capacity, it's about the individual — the reason the federal magazine ban was allowed to expire.

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