In regard to the gun control issue I have a few questions, such as why are law abiding gun owners being targeted with more regulation and loss of freedom of a right guaranteed by the Second Amendment to our U.S. Constitution? There is no talk of holding violent offenders more accountable or using harsher punishments as a deterrent or enforcing laws already on the books. And why are gun owners expected to obey the law? It is obvious that criminals don’t.

They either steal guns or buy them on the black market. So much for background checks that are ineffective anyway.

Drug addicts don’t obey the law. Political activists don’t obey any law they disagree with. Illegal aliens don’t obey the law – they get rewarded for it! So why are legal gun owners expected to obey laws they don’t agree with?

Along with the threat of jail time and being labeled a criminal. All this at a time when convicted criminals are being coddled and let out of prison.

The futility of banning or confiscating certain weapons is obvious. First of all, an inept, ineffective government has little chance of accomplishing such a goal, regarding health care, welfare, war on drugs, poverty, etc. There are an estimated 300-400 million legal guns in the U.S. and possibly a trillion rounds of ammunition. If law abiding citizens were the problem, you would know it.

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Let’s deal with the real problems like drugs, violence and evil people with mental health issues, etc.

Remember, the Second Amendment is not about owning a hunting rifle, it was put in the constitution as a means of protection from a tyrannical government that would take citizens freedoms away.

C.T. Ripley


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