I've had the pleasure of knowing Randy Heinz for several years. In that time, we've attended what seems like hundreds of events from reading groups to city council meetings.

This man truly cares about the Billings community and has dedicated much of his free time to help make it better. He understands how government works and how it often doesn't work for regular people.

He served in the Navy and has served disadvantaged people in the nonprofit sector. He has worked in a variety of other fields, including retail. This experience means that he can look at the issues from multiple perspectives.

Randy supports an all-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinance that says we welcome everyone here, including our friends in the LGBTQ+ community.

He supports accountability for our police department, which has a higher instance of fatal shootings per capita than Baltimore or Miami.

Randy has worked with the houseless population and supports an approach to them based on empathy rather than viewing them as a problem.

Mr. Heinz lives on a tight budget himself, which means he will be careful with taxpayer money.

What separates him from his opponent is that he will keep in mind that the city budget is meant to serve all of the residents, not just the ownership class.

Working class people in Ward 2 have a chance to elect someone who knows their struggles or an incumbent who always votes as if better things are not possible.

Josh Schleining


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