The Highway 212 project started in 1999 with a $40 million dollar budget. Major decision makers and department heads in charge. One woefully designed incomplete death trap of a road. MDOT is a nice acronym to hide behind the poor human decision making results.

Who was the comptroller for the project? Who was in charge of the bids? Who was in charge of the design? This is Montana. Curves and slants on icy roads are trouble. Who decided to open the road in August with no signage allowing for plenty of time to realize a four-lane highway is now a two-lane highway and then back again?

The on/off exits to gain access to the old Highway 212 are big white arrows that will hold possibly two cars with yield signs as opposed to stop signs. Who was in charge of changing the names of Highway 212, which may have been better served as Highway 212 and Highway 212 Frontage Road (Old Highway 212)?

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Isn't is simply grand that the MDOT has stepped up to the plate and magnanimously proclaimed that their wreck of a death trap road is first on their 2020 completion list regardless of a lack of funds. Really, I see wrongful death suits coming down the pike, hence additional funds for MDOT and the state of Montana taxpayers. This improvement was necessary for safety on the 11-mile stretch to Roberts but has failed miserably.

Deborah Alexander


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